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The Multi Terrain Evo Reviewed by Lose those Shoes

October 26, 2011 by Seema at VIVOBAREFOOT

The Evo was our first performance barefoot shoe, released in early 2010, with our multi-terrain barefoot sole. This Autumn we've added several new colour options for our bestselling Evo and Evo II.
Here's what Lose Those Shoes said about Evo:

"The Evo Sole is designed to be used on any terrain and is sturdy under foot."
"The tongue on the Evo is well designed, just bulky enough so you don't feel the laces, even when wearing them barefoot."
"The Evo is a great minimalist running shoe, the Evo has a large toe box so when you're running and your foot makes contact with the ground it gives you ample room for your foot to expand naturally. The shoe is light and flexible so it flexes well during running."

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