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Lee Saxby and VIVOBAREFOOT at the New York City Barefoot Run

October 18, 2011 by Michelle Hinsvark

Photo by Keith Goldstein

Founders of NYC Barefoot Runners, John and Maggie Durant, have turned their fun run and cabaret of barefoot running education into an annual event – doubling in size from the 1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run. Their ultimate goal was to bring together all of the “who’s who” in barefoot running and create a celebratory atmosphere full of education; with all ideas welcomed to allow participants to test each theory for themselves. We couldn't resist getting involved for the second year in a row so we brought our team, including our newly certified Barefoot Coaches and barefoot running expert Lee Saxby.
The weekend started on Friday evening – an the informal get together at POP Bar in Union Square. A very apt warm-up for the weekend.

The next morning we held VIVOBAREFOOT Running Clinics at Battery Park. Before the event we reached out to injured runners who were attending the weekend and offered 10 free injury clinics with our expert Lee Saxby. Unfortunately there are a lot of injured runners out there as we had a great response to the competition. Although we only had limited time over the weekend to run specific injury clinics we did have our Certified Barefoot Coaches on hand to spread the skill of barefoot running and give advice and training to anyone who wanted it.

"I ran a total of 11.5 miles on two days after working with Lee, and his suggestions definitely made a difference to my running, an immediate difference."

—Tuck, from Yelling Stop, was one of the winners who won a session with Lee and wrote about his experience on his blog.

Saturday evening played host to the The Barefoot Party at South Street Seaport.  The "Kudus" (Chris McDougall, Dan Lieberman, Lee Saxby and more) were invited to give short talks on all things barefoot. A fun and relaxed atmosphere ensued which was a great opportunity for experts, scientists, coaches, barefoot enthusiast to all get together and share their perspectives on barefoot running.
The main event, the New York City Barefoot Run, followed the next day. Sunday Morning's “Run Your Distance” at Governor’s Island was a chance for everyone to get together and run barefoot. The beer garden wasn't to far from the race and was an appropriate conclusion to the weekend.
A big thanks must go out the event organizers John and Maggie Durant, the VIVOBAREFOOT team who helped make all our events and activities possible, and everyone who turned up to this year's event – it wouldn't happen without you.

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