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The Guardian G2 - Pick of the week Shoe-boots

October 05, 2007 by Terra Plana

Guardian Terra Plana 2007,,2184051,00.html

"Shoes have overtaken bags as "it" accessories this autumn. And shoe-boots, or "shoots" to give them their proper fashion moniker, are this season's "it" titleholder. To qualify as a shoe-boot they must end well below ankle-sock level. The top of the shoe-boot should be higher at the back than the front and it should trace a line under the anklebone, to flattering effect. The heel should be as high as you can manage, because these shoes mean business. Why would the costume department decide that Carrie Bradshaw should wear shoe-boots in the Sex and the City film if they weren't undisputedly the shoe of the moment? Whether they will look dated by the time the film is released is debatable, but now is the right time to buy a pair. Those who think the shoe-boot is too faddish for them should consider this: under trousers, the shoe-boot gives all the benefits of a heeled knee boot but with none of the drawbacks. You'll be taller, but with no awkward bulge in the shin area."

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