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The Stealth features in Fashion Vs Sport

November 19, 2013 by Jamie Page


"Pioneering the minimalist shoe revolution the Vivobarefoot Stealth is the ultimate on-road or in-gym barefoot performance shoe. "

Bringing together fashion, design, culture and sports: Fashion VS Sport celebrates the relationship between Sports and fashion. The Stealth, our on-road distance running shoe, fits perfectly as a functional performance shoe that also looks the part.

Here's what Fashion Vs Sport said about the Stealth:

"A hex-mesh lamination upper works seamlessly with your foot for the very latest in barefoot performance footwear.  Vivobarefoot shoes feature a 3mm puncture resistant sole that Keep feet close to the ground to provide the ultimate barefoot experience. The Vivobarefoot Stealth are available in a mix of vibrant colour palettes offering stylish design and functional performance."

On barefoot and minimalist footwear Fashion Vs Sport comented:

"[It] is not a new phenomenon a number of brands have created minimalist shoes to accommodate the growth in barefoot running. Barefoot shoes as they are also known; have come a long way in the style stakes and now look no different to the average performance shoe. The number of brands and styles available is vast; the shoes come in various designs from those that help you ease into barefoot shoes by providing a hint of cushioning to those that provide a complete barefoot feel. You should never choose shoes on visual appeal alone but it helps that these shoes look stylish as well as being practical."


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