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The Best Thing About Barefoot Running

November 08, 2012 by Jamie Page

We recently asked "What's the best thing about barefoot running?"
The response was great so we thought we'd compile all the comments into one place. If you'd like to add to this, please comment below and we'll add your comments to the thread.

"The best thing about running barefoot is it lets your body move the way it was intended to. For the first time in my life, I am able to run pain free in my knees and hips thanks to transitioning to a barefoot style running."

– Jeremy Snyder

"Running free!! less stumbling and light on my feet!! Love it."

– Grace Hiom

"Obviously it feels better than any other running style, but after running twenty-ish years with cushioned trainers and now moving to barefoot running I'm amazed how I don't NEED to deal with knee pains anymore. It's just, heavenly."

– Antti Närhi

"The best thing about running barefoot is the tried and tested technology; my feet."

– Row Nawn

"The best thing? It should be an easy question given the overnight changes to my knees, and the realisation that I could actual see past injury and become a good runner with efficient form. It planted the seed that maybe I could really excel at a sport? I've floated between disciplines in the past. Perhaps the best thing could be that running becomes a not fight between my bodies desire to quit and my minds desire to continue, but one where both are comfortable with their place in the arrangement with the ground becoming part of the experience rather than spongey blank canvas which your mind can turn into the enemy.
For me, the best thing about Barefoot, is finding focus by enjoyment. I've realised that the above is part of the experience and rather than to fight the ground, the fatigue and desire not to quit I can enjoy the clarity and space it gives me. Something that I don't take for granted at the end of busy day."

– Paul Bassett

"Barefoot is the way we were made to run. Throughout millions of years, our feet have evolved to be the perfect instrument of motion. How could we expect to improve on that with shoes?"

– Jonathan Hausmann

"you dont have to wash your socks"

– Raymond Doherty

"The best part about running barefoot is that it is Fun! I find myself constantly reminiscing of my childhood summer adventures each time I put on my shoes."

– Matthew Thiel

"Since adopting barefoot, I'm motivated to run just because the running itself is fun and invigorating. Previously my motivations were mostly fitness and competition, and after years and hundreds of miles pass, that's not enough for most people. Fun is so important and so underrated in many aspects of our lives!!"

– Daniel Be

"walking the whole day without having feetpain"

– Sandra ???

"I am constantly running on different surfaces and running barefoot lets me feel the differences in those surfaces. I really love these tiles that have round small hills on them, I run on them on purpose, just for the feeling. Tried regular shoes afterwards, but there's no going back anymore - barefoot all the way."

– Juozas Varonenka

"being in touch with the ground below your feet and the sense that your feet and legs are alive and feeling great at the end of a run."

– Phil Hiom

"the lightness of fleeing ?"

– Martin Fletcher

"You feel like a kid again!"

– Daniel Shiu

"No shin splints"

– Karen Donnellan

"you have no shoes on!!!"

– Barry O'Rourke

"The best thing about running barefoot is feeling the earth move under your feet as you spin the globe beneath you."

– David Anderson

"Learning how to run again after years of injury and feeling so light on my feet compared to feeling like a hippopotamus when landing on my heels in traditional trainers."

– Natalie Dale

"the childish freedom"

– Alex Bartley

"The best thing about running barefoot is that you feel wild and don't wanna stop"

– Kris D Gal

"The best thing about running barefoot? It simply frees you so much that you end up running barefoot even in your dreams! Happening to me every night for the last week or two. Incredible."

– Davor Cengija

"I become swift, strong and I glide as I run"

– Kate Kift

"The best thing about running barefoot is being able to run without pain for the first time since childhood! Also, it's pretty cool to be able to just pop off your shoes and go for a run anywhere and any time the mood strikes"

– Ioanna Ioannou

"By far, it is being more in tune with my body, and as a result experiencing euphoria on my own two feet."

– Alex Spencer

"The best thing about running barefoot is: you can run around naked in public without getting locked up! (might get a few strange looks though...)"

– Dave Robertson

"as a child I always wanted to be barefoot and feel the textures of the ground directly through my feet now I can feel like a child again whenever I venture out, wherever I go!"

– Carol Kite

"The best thing about running barefoot is having the ability to detect minute imperfections while running and being able to quickly figure out what is needed to do to in order to fix these. I think this is the best injury prevention that I know of and it works for me."

– Marissa Baxter

"The best thing about barefoot running? It's fear. Primal fear. There is nothing between the finest part of your body and rough ground. No false protection. No gimmicks. No excuses.
Primal fear of hurting yourself is far more potent than any conscious drill you do or train. It's natural protection of your feet, of your whole body. Primal fear saves lives. You can't beat that. I love it."

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