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Marrying Fashion and Function

November 30, 2012 by Adriano Piccinini

My business card says: ‘Assistant Innovation Designer’. I come up with conceptual designs and ideas here at VIVOBAREFOOT. I’m free to be as creative as I like, come up with blue sky ideas. I’m curious and passionate about footwear design and exploring ideas.

We have a big challenge at VIVOBAREFOOT to confront conventional fashion and to produce biomechanically functional footwear that performs to our barefoot standards. My main aim and ambition is to make things that are universally and objectively beautiful.
We take inspiration from nature; for example when you look at a tree, you don’t look at how you can improve it as there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s beautiful. In this same way I am heavily influenced by the beauty and laws of nature using biomimicry to shape our revolutionary design.
I think it’s very important to learn, especially from nature, analyse what you’ve learnt and then take those lessons and apply them to design, in fact apply them to life.
We’re looking to the future with all our designs with the continuous exploration of art and science. At the same time I don’t take anything too seriously and when we’re designing shoes we stick to the principles of form following function, but with fun. I think that’s what makes us unique.

Adriano has a passion for footwear design. He initially studied Fine Art in Rome, once complete he moved to London to do Graphic Design before studying Cordwainers Footwear at London College of Fashion.
He says: I try to be positive, exercise and enjoy my day.
We say: Blue sky thinking is the first step to changing the way we do things, luckily we have Adriano.

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