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Get your Birthday Shoes On: Hybrid Golf Shoes

November 01, 2012 by Toni-Marie

"I guess you don't really need your golf shoe to roll up into a ball, but the fact that it can just shows how well it lets your foot flex and move as it wants to. The Hybrids are definitely the thinnest most flexible golf shoes I've worn." - Birthday Shoes
Our friends at took a pair of the Hybrid Golf Shoes from VIVOBAREFOOT and gave them a thorough test drive. If you're considering purchasing barefoot shoes that will improve your golf game, we would recommend you read the review first.

"The Hybrids were immediately comfortable out of the box. The upper leather material is thin and really flexible, and the shape of the shoe just allows your foot to feel free."
"Overall, the Hybrids are great shoes on par with the barefoot feel and function of all other Vivo Barefoot'sI've worn. If you've been looking for a truly "barefoot" golf shoe, you should certainly give these these a look. The thin sole provides great ground feel and makes them the most barefoot feeling golf shoe I've worn."- Birthday shoes

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