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VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic Review: Gloves Boxing Club

November 14, 2011 by Jamie Page

Tony Riddle, founder of the Gloves Boxing Club, recently attended the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic held by Lee Saxby.
Tony, a Certified Coach, is holding 1 day Running Clinics at the Gloves Boxing Club in West Hampstead, North West London. The first of which is on Sunday 20th November, 2011.

"I am a Pose Method Level 2 running coach and Pose Movement Specialist, with this qualification I thought of myself to be highly qualified to teach barefoot running and still I found myself not quite confident,  lacking certain skills and with many question unanswered . My background is Pilates and to many clients we are considered great practitioners and until this course I would hand on heart say the I thought the same."

"Considering I run a gym with a barefoot philosophy I still feel blown away by the VIVOBAREFOOT Certification programme held by Lee.  What I loved about Lee’s approach is that he left no stone unturned. Lee backs everything up by his vast library of knowledge, best of all his ego doesn’t get in the way of acknowledging others work."
"I have been coaching what I considered as “barefoot running/movement” for a long period of time now.  Since Christopher McDougall's best-selling book, Born to Run came out we have seen an explosion of new clients at the club looking for coaching, why? Well it’s simple, barefoot running is a skill and without a skill, unless extremely lucky, you increase the risk of picking up an injury.  It is for this reason that the Vivo Barefoot coaching model is so important, without it’s process you are giving the 19 billion dollar conventional performance shoe market an opportunity to wave a big banner with the words 'we told you so' "
"Barefoot is a romantic idea that is incredibly skilful and requires coaching!"
"Because I am an injury free coach I deal with injuries, I am not just coaching people to run. In the past all we used to see were heel strikers coming in with knee, back and neck injuries, then the explosion.  People read born to run, kicked off their shoes, with no or very little skill of barefoot running, well hay presto! a new set of injuries were born. Great for business, terrible for Barefoot running!"
"In theory, without the VIVOBAREFOOT Certification process, anybody can coach barefoot. Until you attend the course you will never truly understand the method and to quote J. Krishnamurti  'to understand one religion you must go away and understand them all' "
"Well I have looked at Pose Running, Chi Running and many others and personally feel that Lee Saxby has answered many, many questions I had been asking for quite some time.
I would strongly recommend anyone coaching barefoot should attend Lee Saxby’s course as soon as you can. You will not only come away with all your questions answered but feel confident to answer your clients too."

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