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November 10, 2011 by Jamie Page

"Because running is natural to every human being, anyone can run.  But can anyone run with efficiency?  In other words, can you run skilfully?"
– Erwan Le Corre, Founder of MovNat

Erwan recently attended one of our VIVOBAREFOOT Technique Training Clinics and wrote about his experience. Read the full article on
"Unless and until you have transformed the basic, innate ability to run into an acquired, advanced running skill, you will not be able to perform as well as you could or should, thus increasing your chances of ending up chronically injured."
"The next time you think running, think skill.  Lee Saxby possesses not only the skill of running but also the skill of teaching it with patience and exactitude.  Lee is the most skillful expert I know at sharing how to effectively teach proper running."
"At MovNat, we highly emphasize movement efficiency and strongly believe in the necessity of transforming our basic natural movement aptitudes into mastered movement skills.  I am the founder of MovNat, and I highly recommend the VIVOBAREFOOT running certification by Lee Saxby."

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