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Barefoot Monologues VIVOBAREFOOT Neo

November 14, 2011 by Jamie Page

Trisha Reeves from Barefoot Monologues recently reviewed the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo, here's what she said:

"VIVOBAREFOOT doesn’t make shoes like Vibram or Merrell does. The Neo doesn’t hold tight to your foot like a sock. For a long time it seemed to me that was the only way to make a great minimalist shoe. But the Neo is a great minimalist shoe, probably one of the greatest, and in a completely different and unexpected way."
"The VIVOBAREFOOT Neo fits like a slipper. It fits snugly and has traditional laces for adjusting, but there’s a good amount of room in there to move and flex."
"It doesn’t pinch or constrain my foot in any way, which is a downright miracle for someone with feet as wide as mine. The shoe and sole is soft, pliable (especially after a few wears)."
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"I can feel the ground in a spectacular way: brick sidewalks feel like brick, trails feel like rocks and leaves, the ground feel is there but in a different way than other minimalist shoes."
"The shoe is so pliable that it just seems to bend around surface texture. Not only does it curve upward with your toes, it curves downward and sideways as well, all while not having to conform to your foot. It truly is like running inside a soft, comfy slipper."

Here's the overall conclusion of the Neo from Barefoot Monologues:

  • construction is sound; this is an exceptionally well-made shoe

  • completely zero-drop

  • made of light, flexible eco-friendly materials

  • stylish and retro, not at all garish or strange-looking

  • a good alternative for VFFs, if you don’t like getting weird looks from people

  • excellent ground-feel, as compared to most minimalist running shoes

  • fit is roomy, made more for people with normal to wide-width feet

  • more suitable for cool weather months

  • hands-down, one of the best minimalist shoes on the market

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