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Terra Plana loves quilts - read all about it....

November 20, 2008 by Terra Plana

At Terra Plana, we have been using the Saami quilts in our footwear production since Autumn 2005. The Saami are semi nomadic people, living in the desert of Sindh, Pakistan. In an area where quilt making is very common amongst all communities, the Saami have been making their quilts from vibrant & unique cotton scraps and patches which makes them very distinctive from the rest. This is what the Saami people say gives the quilt life.

 Terra Plana Quilts

There is no organised production as the quilts are produced in family groups, hence it is never predictable what you will find on a buying trip and it's the Saami people who decide when to make and when to sell them.

For Autumn/Winter 2008 we have several styles featuring these quilts, including Janis, Tana, Maple, Lauren, Juniper and Patch.

Terra Plana styles featuring quilts

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