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Chris Bull takes the high road with the VIVOBAREFOOT Gobi

May 15, 2013 by Jamie Page

"We are challenged by fear!" The words of Chris Bull who is training to take his tightrope walking skills to this year's Glastonbury Festival. Chris wears VIVOBAREFOOT shoes and in the video Chris talks about the VIVOBAREFOOT Gobi: "It's basically a flat sole that feels like you're walking barefoot"

The VIVOBAREFOOT Gobi is one of our most popular barefoot shoes. The Gobi leather men's shoes help Chris on his high-wire it's also perfect for living the barefoot lifestyle, all day every day. We now make this barefoot desert boot in a number of different suedes and leathers so there's an barefoot option for all. Whether you're 10 metres above the ground on a tightrope, or just taking a walk in the park, the VIVOBAREFOOT Gobi lets your feet do their thing.

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