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Treat your feat: Breatho Trail in Runner's World Trail Issue

May 09, 2012 by Jamie Page

As Brian Metzler says in his latest article in Runner's World Spring/Summer Trail Issue says: "selecting a trail shoe can make your head spin."
Well we'll make it easy for you…select the Breatho Trail. It will make your head spin with the amount of sensory feedback (proprioception) you'll get from your environment via the soles of your feet; putting you in control of the tough terrains and loose trails.

The VIVOBAREFOOT Breatho Trail featured in the Minimal/Barefoot/Racing category and received a great review. Here's what they said about our breathable barefoot trail shoe:

The consummate minimalist trail runner, the Breatho Trail is built on a low-slung design offering an intimate connection to the ground and enhanced agility for a nimble runner. But unlike some barefoot-style shoes, the Breatho Trail offers some protection– a puncture resistant rubber outsole and reinforced toe cap–to keep sticks and stones at bay.
Best for: All types of running on soft trails and routes with mild to moderately technical surfaces.
Beware: The shoe is best for a sure-footed runner, as there is no inherent stability in the design.

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