Vivobarefoot Evo review by Run 4 Women

May 17, 2010 by Terra Plana

Run 4 Women dot com recently wrote an in-depth review of the Evo, our running specific shoe using VivoBarefoot technology.

Here's the final part of the review:
CUSHIONING - The only cushioning on these shoes is around the ankle, which is really all you would expect from this sort of shoe. Score: 3/5
COMFORT - They were surprisingly comfortable, although a little tight around the ankle. I very quickly got used to wearing these shoes. My feet did however ache the next day!Score 4/5
GRIP - They have excellent grip on all surfaces. Score 5/5
STABILITY - They were really very supportive, something I was not expecting. Most of the support does come from around your ankle, as your toes are really free. There is a small amount of arch support, not enough for me to run over about 5 miles. Score 4/5
OVERALL - I really love these shoes. They make my Nike Frees feel like a very supportive shoe! I love the feel of freedom that my toes have and can see that I will wear them for most of my 3-5 mile runs. Your feet do need time to adjust to wearing them as they really are very different. At first I couldn't imagine running in them, now I happily wear them for short distances but will stick to my ‘normal' shoe for longer runs.Score: 4/5
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