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May 19, 2010 by Terra Plana

According the the article on the Evo is: "like running Barefoot, but better."

Terra Plana Evo featured on

The author had had a session with our barefoot coach Lee Saxby. Here's a few interesting points they made:

"'We were built to run barefoot,' Saxby told me"
"The primitive approach to running, as it happens, is catching on. It started with a paper from Harvard professorDaniel Lieberman that explored the mechanics of different kinds of foot strikes in runners, ultimately suggesting that barefoot running reduces the impact on feet, thus leading to less injury."
"Most runners have a tendency to land hard on their heels-which are typically cushioned by souped-up shoes designed to absorb the impact."
"When you run barefoot, on the other hand, your tendency is to land on the balls of your feet, which minimizes the shock waves from the ground resonating through the rest of your body."
Read the full article on here.

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