Galahad Clark in London Triathlon Guide 2010

May 19, 2010 by Terra Plana

Leading by example, Galahad Clark, talks about the triathlon in the London Triathlon Guide 2010:

Galahad Clark in London Triathlon Guide 2010

"This was my first tri so I just tried to enjoy it, but I found it absolutely ball-achingly knackering. I expected it to be a little bit easier. The swim and the run were OK. My goggles steamed up so I couldn't see where I was going on the swim, and it was very abstract, with lots of interesting refractions of light through my goggles, so it felt like an acid trip. The bike ride just about did me in: I've only got one gear on my bike so people kept overtaking me on the hills. Overall, it took me less than three hours. My girlfriend put me up to this, I think she's trying to tell me somethin, like I', fat! It was nice and sunny, but right now I'd like to throw all this stuff in the Thames and never see it again…"

Galahad Clark in London Triathlon Guide 2010

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