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The Trail Freak shines in the Sun

March 25, 2014 by Jamie Page




“A great-looking, thin shoe that offers decent protection on rough terrain.”

The Sun newspaper, one of the UK’s leading tabloid ‘newspapers’, recently featured our latest off road running shoe, the VIVOBAREFOOT Trail Freak in their 6 of the best running shoes feature.

Sun fitness expert Nicki Waterman put a range of conventional running shoes through their paces, along with ours, to find the best. Ours topped the best minimalist shoe category – which is quite an achievement for the Trail Freak, which has our thickest sole (as it’s designed for off road environments).    Trail Freak

Apparently “there is no such thing as a suits-all running shoe.” We beg to differ. You foot has all the technology you need so a running shoe that lets your foot behave as if it was barefoot is the only thing you’ll ever need to strap to your feet.

The Trail Freaks in question have unprecedented off road grip, breathability and an all-new speed toggle lacing system – making them our best trail running shoe to date.


 The Sun The Sun

The VIVOBAREFOOT Trail Freak featured in Tuesday 25th March 2014 edition of the Sun newspaper.



The Sun Trail Freak

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