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The Stealth: on Runner’s World’s radar

March 07, 2014 by Jamie Page

Runners World Stealth

"Good for encouraging a strong core and an efficient gait…the tough rubber gave good traction and…the toebox is wide to allow for natural foot splay"

April, famous for: practical jokes, Earth Day, the London marathon (and many others) and of course international pillow fight day (5th April FYI). Another significant occurrence for next month is the VIVOBAREFOOT Stealth featuring in Runner’s World.

Barefoot running shoesDon't be fooled by the drop shadow! These barefoot running shoes are ultra-thin, and of course, puncture-resistant – letting your feet do their thing.

In the Runner’s World’s comprehensive Spring / Summer shoe guide our distance running shoe, the Stealth is featured. Considering the mainstream ‘running’ media still have a fundamental issue with natural movement, the importance of proprioception and a lack of confidence in the strength and beauty of an uninhibited foot – they’ve understood what Vivo is about and the effort we’ve made to honour the foot and to promote skilful movement:

“This brand is a survivor from the declining barefoot shoe trend – due in no small part to its sensible approach that injury incidence is influenced as much by the way you run as the shoes you run in.”

“The Stealth has a ground-hugging 3mm heel-to-toe drop [STOP PRESS – there is no drop, just a 3mm patented ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole] but wary testers were impressed to discover the tough rubber gave good traction and no bruises from stray stones. The toebox is wide to allow for natural foot splay but the fit elsewhere is standard.”

“Forefoot strikers loved the responsive ride but for those transitioning from traditional shoes, VIVOBAREFOOT advises building up slowly in increments of 10 minutes.”

We’d encourage a proper, gradual transition, involving relearning the skill of movement, start by walking skilfully first, squatting, jumping and slowly strengthening the foot. All the while perfecting your posture and rhythm. Find out more about how to learn how to run with skill.

“Bottom Line: Good for encouraging a strong core and an efficient gait.”


Runner's WorldThe Stealth in Runner's World Magazine

The VIVOBAREFOOT Stealth was featured in April 2014's Runner's World (UK).

Turn to page 114 to see the original article.

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