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The Incredible Human Foot

March 05, 2014 by Jamie Page

The Incredible Foot

"Our feet bear the weight of our body and propell our every step and stride, all the while performing a perpetual act of balance that keeps us upright, yet we rarely think about them"Dr George McGavin 

The human foot is an incredible piece of evolutionary arhitecture and mechanical engineering. Providing balance as well as mobility, our feet are complex aparatus that have allowed humans to stand tall, walk and run for thousands of years.

In a two part series, the first looking into a similarly incredible hand, Dr George McGavin along with anatomist, Quentin Fogg, and leading foot and ankle surgeon, Mr Kartik Hariharan dissect a real foot, taking it apart layer by layer to reveal what makes it unique in the animal kingdom.

ProprioceptionThe team of experts explore the incredible natural engineering that is key to our greatest physical achievements. They discover how footstrike differentiates in footwear versus barefoot as well the crucial role proprioception plays in the foot and contributes to our spatial awarness.

The episode is available on the BBC iPlayer (UK only) and on Daily Motion (Worldwide).

This latest television programme contributes to a growing understanding and evidence that shows how incredible and important the human foot is to natural, healthy movement. Supporting our committement to only make footwear that's good for your feet, letting them behave as if it was barefoot, only protecting you from cold (or hot) and cuts.

We call it Pure Barefoot Technology, a philosopgy and a 'technology', it's an understanding of the important of the symbiotic relationship between shoes and feet. Simply put: healthy feet provide all the natural shock absorption, natural motion control and natural sensory feedback you need and a natural shoe should let them do their thing.

Incredible Human Foot

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