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What is proprioception?

March 14, 2012 by Jamie Page

We have a winner. Congratulations to Vanessa Holburn. Here's her winning entry:

"Proprioception is the body's ability to sense movement within joints and joint position. It enables us to know where our limbs are without having to look."

Our What is Proprioception Competition is now closed. Thanks for everyone who entered.

In conjunction with MuTu System (check 'em out on Facebook too)we're running a competition for you to win a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes.
Here's how you enter:
Login to Facebook and go to our Facebook Page. Post on our wall the answer to the following question:

What is Proprioception?

Phrase your answer like this: Proprioception is [your answer]

Have a read of our eBook? Proprioception: A step-by-step Guide to Barefoot Running can download from the Training Clinic website.
The winner will be picked by our barefoot running expert Lee Saxby – he'll pick the best, most creative yet accurate answer.
Competition ends this Sunday night, 18th March 2012
Terms and Conditions
To enter the competition you must post your answer to the question What is Proprioception on the VIVOBAREFOOT Facebook Wall. For your entry to be valid you must phrase your answer in the following way:
"Proprioception is [your answer]"
Only entries posted before Monday 19th 2012 12am (00.00) GMT will be counted. To enter the competition you must have a valid Facebook account. Only one entry per person.
The winner will be picked by our barefoot running expert Lee Saxby soon after the competition closes. The winner will recieve a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes of their choice, depending on stock and location.

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