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VIVOBAREFOOT Adventure: Ben Clarke takes the Neo mountain biking

March 06, 2012 by Ben Clarke

Our VIVOBAREFOOT Adventure series starts here (if you've been on a VIVOBAREFOOT Adventure recently, tell us about it in the comments box below)
We start in Cornwall, UK with our innovative multi-terrain barefoot shoe: the Neo. We've teamed up with mountain biker (and barefoot enthusiast) Ben Clarke to film a short, day in the life, video.

Although this shoe is primarily a barefoot running shoe, its uses definitely do not stop there. The Neo is ideal as a lightweight summer biking shoe. The sole is super grippy and allows a huge amount "feel" between the wearer and the bikes pedals.
When you first slip the Neo on you might at first think that the sole is too thin to offer any real protection. This is not the case though, the sole has been designed to be puncture proof, there is more than enough protection here for cycling! The low cut style of the shoe makes it ideal for those hot summer days in the saddle, not to hot and sweaty but also not too exposed and cold either.
Realistically this shoe isn't suitable for heavy duty winter mountain biking but that is a whole other world of footwear specialism!
So, to sum up, the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo is a fantastic summer cycling shoe that has very distinctive looks, is very comfortable and allows the wearer to really feel like they are connected to the bike.
Enjoy the video! Rider and edit by Ben Clarke, filmed by Jamie Page.

The Neo has all the performance hallmarks of the Evo with an alternative upper. Enjoyed by runners, walkers, tennis players, gym goers, mountain bikers (clearly!), dancers, and many more. Did we mention the high-abrasion VIVOBAREFOOT sole…
If you've been out and about in your Neos or any other VIVOBAREFOOT shoe, tell us about it. Tell us your VIVOBAREFOOT Adventure and we could feature you in our series of blog posts.

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