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Barefoot Golf: the VIVOBAREFOOT Hybrid

March 20, 2012 by Jamie Page

"If you're keen to take your game to the next level and maximise your proprioception, I would strongly recommend the Hybrid. I took them out on Bude and North Cornwall Golf Course on an early and wet morning and they performed amazingly. The weight, grip and barefoot feel is like no other golf shoe I've used in the past."

Checkout our new barefoot golf shoe, Hybrid, perfect for taking your swing to the next level.
Golf is an interesting game. It can be challenging, rewarding and frustrating, sometimes all at the same time. For those who play it, it can be a way of life. To some people it can be an addictive fix; a compulsive yet fulfilling activity. To others it's a method of getting away from it all or just a bit of fun. Whatever your take on golf, most people will appreciate that to be good at the sport requires a respectable amount of skill, an element of natural talent and a Large amount of practice.
The one thing that I admire about golfers, on the whole, is their passion and drive to improve. It's not true for everyone, but speak to most golfers and they're likely to tell you about: the new swing they're working on, how their drive has improved or how much time they've spent on their short game.
I'm generalising, but the point remains: most golfers appreciate the fact that their sport requires a large amount of skill. The fine motorskills and intricate precision required in every golf shot is astonishing.

Like any skill to be perfected it is required to be practiced, and practiced, and practiced. Also, like any skill, sensory feedback is essential. In golf, sensory feedback comes from a variety of sources; the eyes, the ears, the hands and the feet. But the importance of sensory feedback from the body (also know as proprioception) is not to be underestimated. 70% of information going to the brain comes from proprioception whilst only 20% is vestibular (inner ear, for balance) and 10% is visual. Therefore the importance of proprioception in the foot should not be undervalued. Ernie Eels recommends practicing golf barefoot but why not play a whole round in barefoot golf shoes.
Professional golfers Andrew Parr and Oliver Wilson are both wearing the VIVOBAREFOOT Hybrid.

Here at VIVOBAREFOOT we've been making our patented barefoot shoes for nearly a decade and our aim is to produce shoes that offer maximum proprioception and protection which offering the appropriate amount of grip depend on the activity. We took our hand to producing a smart, yet functional shoe designed specifically for the golf course. The barefoot sole on the Hybrid is our off-road, rubber outsole specifically designed for anything the golf course can throw at you. The soles features directional lugs which maximize surface contact for superior barefoot traction. The sole is a mere 2.5mm thick with 4.5mm lugs and the shoe weighs only 193g/6.8oz.
"I LOVE THIS SHOE.  It’s my go-to shoe.  It has all of the characteristics that make a barefoot shoe particularly well-suited for golf—great stability, great feel, great comfort and . . . it’s so cool looking! " – Robert Yen for Minimalist Running Shoes

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