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Men's Saddle reviewed by ToeSalad

June 24, 2013 by Kat Stawowy

"The Saddle is a classically designed Oxford shoe. I really love this design because it is a minimal design and still pays attraction. The leather has a very fine lining, this is a particularly nice detail. I found the Saddle very comfortable to wear...They are also very lightweight, 564 gr. (19.9 Oz) for a pair in size EU 45. The Saddles are equipped with VIVOBAREFOOT’s new On Road sole which is light, thin and flexible. The toebox is very wide."

Our friends at Toe Salad recently reviewed the VIVOBAREFOOT Saddle; one of our latest casual barefoot shoes. Toe Salad, which is comprehensive minimalist shoe review site and a resource to support health and wellness, also spent some time with our Head Designer, Asher Clark, and discussed the design, technology and inspiration that goes into the Saddle and VIVOBAREFOOT.
Read the full review and the interview with Asher Clark

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