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It's all about social purpose and time

June 02, 2013 by Jamie Page

We're happy to announce we're continuing our support of the incredible charity that is Social Purpose and Time (SPAT). James Gilley, founder of the non-profit organisation, is leading this positive movement that uses the power and beauty of running, fitness and nutrition as the motivation behind life changing charity work.

Here at VIVOBAREFOOT we're incredibly excited about our on-going work with SPAT because of the fundamental philosophy we both share – movement as medicine. We’re both very clear and passionate about the importance of physical activity on mental health. As humans evolved to hunt and gather we’re predisposed to function most efficiently and successfully when we’re active.
SPAT is a catalyst to self-transformation. They help others help themselves through goal-orientated behaviour. This strategy enables their members to counteract addictions, cancel out harmful repeated patterns and replenish vital social circles.
Whilst on a different level VIVOBAREFOOT is attempting to do similar things – by producing footwear that lets your feet and body do it’s thing and stimulating positive adaptation.
We’ve donated a pair of shoes to every SPAT member as well as their hard working and dedicate volunteers and staff. We’re also helping them with barefoot running education and sharing our resources to help each person to learn the skill of natural movement.

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