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Aneta Grabiec: Lives and moves barefoot

June 25, 2013 by Aneta Grabiec

My life is very active and busy; I dance, hike, teach and practice yoga and the bicycle is my main means of transport. Comfort is my philosophy for living. Comfort in an attractive package! I care about our planet and am trying to live environmentally friendly as much as I can and make the others aware of its importance too.

I came across VIVOBAREFOOT by chance, just popped into one of the shops. I liked the philosophy standing behind the design of VIVOBAREFOOT. The shoes looked sleek but only the feeling of wearing them made me aware of their benefits. How it literally felt to be barefoot! How my feet could relax and breathe and how my legs and spine enjoyed wearing them. Now I live my life in VIVOBAREFOOT, never had any blister, spine or feet complaints! I got a pair for my mum and my trendy younger sisters. They look good and perform so well.
I wear Boxing Boot Ladies for the chic urban look, Off Road Hi Ladies are amazing for my outdoors activities and I wear my Ultra Pure Ladies for anything summer! They served me so well at my yog@neta & surfing retreat in Morocco- fab for beach running, surfing and anything else.I feel so privileged to be the VIVOBAREFOOT ambassador and proudly introduce you to the concept of this trendy and affordable comfort. Happy VIVO-ing!
– Aneta, founder and yoga instructor at yog@neta.

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