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Women's Running Shed their Shoes

June 20, 2012 by Jamie Page

"Never before have I seen it as a particular 'skill'. As Lee pointed out, you wouldn't think just because you bought the tennis racket that Nadal uses, you can then go and play world-class tennis!" – Pippa Heath

Caroline Sandry and Pippa Heath from Women's Running took a trip to the VIVOBAREFOOT Experience in Covent Garden, London, for a barefoot running session with Barefoot Running Expert Lee Saxby. Christina McDonald interviewed Caroline and Pippa about their barefoot running lession.
Here's a few extracts from Caroline's experience the article:

How did the session change your view of barefoot running?
The way Lee coaches means your foot lands fairly flat to the floor…and there is much less strain on tendons and muscles.
How long did Lee recommend you run barefoot for the first few sessions?
For as long as I can maintain my form and run at a tempo of 180 [bpm], then walk to recover and build up slowly. I also need to do the 'hunter-gatherer squat' to stretch out my calves and ankles.
What did you learn about technique?
To relax and enjoy[…]
How do you feel about barefoot running now?
Excited! I intend to progress at a snail's pace and I want to fall back in love with running, using my body as nature intended.
To learn more about Barefoot Running checkout our Training Clinic. We have an extensive amount of resources to help you learn the skill of barefoot movement. Including our  recently launched Barefoot Running Coach app, our free Barefoot Running eBook and training videos.
Also we have a weekly Running Club, on Tuesday evenings in Hyde Park and Breakfast Club, every other Thursday at the VIVOBAREFOOT Experience, Covent Garden, London.
See how Caroline and Pippa got on – the full article will be published in July 2012's Women's Running Magazine.

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