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Introducing our Barefoot Running Coach app

June 27, 2012 by Jamie Page

Here at VIVOBAREFOOT we take education very seriously and  it is a central pillar in our business. We've created this Barefoot Running Coach app, in conjunction with Lee Saxby, to help spread the skill of barefoot movement and offer an accessible resource for everyone to use on their journey to becoming injury-free, natural walkers and runners.

From the Expert, Lee Saxby

"In February, Harvard research showed heel striking runners are 2x more likely to be injured than those who forefoot strike.  The incentive to get off our heels and adopt the barefoot gait is massive.  BUT, there’s a catch: done incorrectly, forefoot striking can be just as much a problem as heel striking…
That's why I joined VIVOBAREFOOT and setup the Training Clinic: to spread the joy of barefoot movement and help reawaken the innate skill of natural human locomotion. It's all about education.
We started with my eBook: Proprioception – A step-by-step guide and our Training Videos back in early 2011 and now I'm proud, alongside VIVOBAREFOOT, to announce the release of the Barefoot Running Coach app."

For iPad and iPhone

With this app, you can clearly see what injury-free barefoot running looks like – and with clever video synch technology gives you the chance to record and compare yourself against it. All you need is an iPad or an iPhone and a place to run, ideally on a treadmill.
We designed the app to help runners of all levels perfect their running form to rediscover the joy of movement and to prevent injury. This app closely follows the coaching methodology of Lee Saxby, allowing you to compare yourself to common running forms. Following Saxby’s mantra: Posture, Rhythm and Relaxation, along with foot strike, you will be able to self-diagnose your form and learn tips and drills to help you transition to skillful barefoot running.
While you’ll be on your way to more enjoyable running right away, the route to mastering any new skill takes time. Download this app to see your running form and check your progress. Follow the simple drills until you become a skilled barefoot runner.

The app in use, Dale Turrell

"As a certified running coach I have found this app very user friendly,  the video footage with before and afters are ready instantaneously. My clients grasp concepts right away with the instant visual feedback. I am also able to play the footage back frame by frame, compare before and after videos simultaneously and put gait angles and posture alignment in. This kind of software would normally cost, well let’s just say it would not cost $1.99. I've coached my last 4 clients using this and  I could not recommend it enough to a runner or a coach who is interested in bettering their or other's technique. Well done VIVOBAREFOOT and thanks for giving us access to your technology."
– Dale Turrell is a Certified VIVOBAREFOOT Coach based in South Africa

Not just running, walking too

The app is not just for running, it has the motor skill milestones (walking, squatting and jumping) to help you perfect basic natural locomotion.
For more information and to download the app visit the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic. Also for expert advice contact your local VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coach for 1:1 and group sessions to help you perfect your technique. You can also become a Coach yourself by attending and passing one of our amazing barefoot coaching clinics.

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