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Alexander Technique Teacher evangelises about Vivo Barefoot

June 25, 2008 by Terra Plana

Terra Plana received some great feedback from an Alexander Technique teacher in the USA.....

"My name is Jon Bernie: I'm 55 years old and live in San Francisco. I went into private practice as an Alexander Technique teacher in 1981 and have been very active and althletic my whole life.

I recently heard about Vivo Barefoot shoes made by Terra Plana (these shoes were designed by a tennis player to avoid ankle injuries and are engineered to meet International Podiatry Approval - FIP). I ordered a pair and have experienced an extraordinary change for the better in my overall health and well being. It really is incredible how much better I feel wearing these shoes! I actually feel like I'm walking for the first time in my life and that walking, especially walking up hills is a full body exercise. I feel like my feet, calves, thighs, knees, hips and back are integrated in a way they have never been before. The shoes I mostly wore were Asics running shoes, and when I put them on now, they feel 'wrong': effort is distributed throughout my structure in such a way that creates strain patterns and instability in my structure. Since I've worn the Vivos, I haven't needed to see my chiropractor; I feel much stronger and more stable structurally.

I was inspired to write to you from my personal experience to offer another perspective from the need for supprt from structured shoes: I was told that my whole life, from early childhood, and I would say that that perspective most likely caused me more structural problems than I care to remember. When I strated wearing the Vivos, I felt as if my feet had been waiting their whole life for these shoes."


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