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Hello Mr. Big Toe

July 17, 2014 by Kesh Patel

Hello Mr. Big Toe

Let’s face it. Our toes get a bad deal. Culturally and socially, they’re often outcast - viewed as areas of restricted access. Even the phrases ‘toe-rag’ and ‘le gros orteil’ (French for big toe) seem to have an air of disparagement about them. So, let’s make it clear from the outset. Here at VIVOBAREFOOT, we love big toes, and we are passionate about keeping them fit and healthy through natural barefoot movement! Read More

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Vivobarefoot Shoes and How They Support My Yoga Practice

July 11, 2014 by Meredith Holt

Vivobarefoot Shoes and How They Support My Yoga Practice

Yoga is primarily the union of the mind and body - and there is a lot to be said about the nuances of the practice. However, today I want to talk primarily about the physical postures (or asanas) and how wearing minimalist shoes can strengthen and stabilize yoga poses. Read More

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