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Champions are born barefoot

July 18, 2012 by Jamie Page

There’s more to sporting competitions than winning medals and crowd control. Sports push the boundaries of what the body, mind and spirit can achieve. An athlete performing at his/her best has the power to inspire.

Here are a few stories that have inspired us:

The Ancient Greeks had it right; when they competed, they ran barefoot. We want to spread the message about the benefits of wearing barefoot shoes. All VIVOBAREFOOT shoes have an ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole. Offering maximum proprioception with protection. We have a feeling the Ancient Greeks may have considered this better than barefoot.

In 1954 it seemed unlikely that anyone could run a mile in under four minutes. Severalrunners had come close, but no one had succeeded. Rumours started spreadingthat it couldn't be done. Britain’s Roger Bannister was determined to break the barrier. His quest for the sub four-minute mile lead him to a Wimbledon shoemaker, who custom-made track spikes for him with uppers of soft, super-light kangaroo skin and on May 6, 1954, Bannister crossed the finish line with a time of three minutes59.4 seconds. Almost immediately after Bannister broke the psychological barrier, the mile times kept falling. Bannister’s record only stood for 6 weeks, but he was the first to break free.

Abebe Bikila stood at the starting line on September 10th 1960 in Rome barefoot. He was mocked by the other runners standing around him and even by the TV commentators scanning and speculating the chances of all the runners. Bikila would prove them allwrong and showcase an important lesson – it’s not about the shoes. Running is a Skill and Technique is Everything – as his bare feet sped over the hot streets of Rome in a world record time of 2:15:16.2 and the gold medal

Leading the barefoot revolution, VIVOBAREFOOT, the original barefoot shoe, was first introduced in 2003. We believe that nature equipped you with everything youneed to move naturally; however, protection is needed from the harsh climates and terrains of today’s world. The perfect shoe, therefore, allows the foot to behave as if bare, while providing maximum protection from the environment.

All VIVOBAREFOOOT shoes feature a patented, puncture-resistant sole for protection while being ultra-thin to maximize proprioception also known as sensory feedback.

At VIVOBAREFOOT we believe that running is a skill and the foundation of this skill is proprioception. VIVOBAREFOOT has the most proprioceptive soles in the world. It is not, however, only about the shoes; technique is everything. A recent Harvard research* shows that runners are 2x more likely to be injured when heel-strike (possible through the cushioned trainers), than when you forefoot strike (acharacteristic of skilled barefoot running).

VIVOBAREFOOT is committed to helping you perfect the technique like the Ancient Greeks, Roger Bannister and Abebe Bikila and transition to injury-free, skillful movement.

Discover the skill at

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