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Barefoot Monologues; but not the only one talking about the Lucy Lite

July 30, 2012 by Jamie Page

"A true minimalist shoe with zero-drop soles and excellent ground feel."

The VIVOBAREFOOT Lucy Lite, similar to the Aqua Lite is one of our modern adaptations of our traditional barefoot shoe designs.

Back in 2003 when Tim Brennan, working alongside VIVOBAREFOOT's managing director Galahad Clark, was inventing our revolutionary barefoot technology the first mass produced designs were also taking shape. Among some of the first designs were the Aqua and the Lucy. These early designs, like all our shoes since, featured our patented ultra-thin, puncture-resistant soles. However, the upper part of the shoe were relatively complex and potentially, in hindsight, over-designed.

Since then we have continued to innovate and improve our design, materials and manufacturing processes. We now have two (the Aqua Lite and Lucy Lite) functional and fashionable shoes, based on existing design but improved to meet modern standards, to add to our barefoot shoe collection.

"I think I can safely say that this is the most comfortable shoe in my entire closet. Yup. It is soft, very wide and roomy…these babies are comfy from the first step you take in them"

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