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The Living Barefoot Show VIVOBAREFOOT Achilles

July 23, 2011 by Jamie Page

Here at VIVOBAREFOOT HQ we're extremely proud of the Achilles. We've created an amphibious minimalist sandal with our puncture resistant, patented, sole that's extremely light and durable and maximises proprioception.
But don't take our word for it. Have a look at The Living Barefoot Show's review of the VIVOBAREFOOT Achilles.

"A split toe minimalist running sandal that will blow your socks off!" – Al Gauthier from The Living Barefoot Show

"Minimalist sandals are a category that has been crying out to be properly filled for years. Not only has VIVOBAREFOOT filled this category, but they have done so with some of the most innovative footwear we have ever seen."

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