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Geek Dad VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra review

July 22, 2011 by Jamie Page

Here's Jonathan Liu from Wired's Geek Dad blog reviewing VIVOBAREFOOT's amphibious Ultra.
The full article is worth a read if you're considering buying a pair of Ultra's sometime soon.

"[VIVOBAREFOOT] isn’t kidding about the puncture resistance! I could feel a little lump under my foot, like I was standing on a bit of gravel, but the thorn didn’t poke me at all."
We've been talking about "proprioception" in our recently published eBook written by Lee Saxby and it seems like people are catching on.
"It’s a curious sensation, being aware of the ground like this but not having to worry about cutting my foot open, and I enjoyed the run, relying on my sense of touch instead of using a flashlight for the path."

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