Terra Plana & Dr Gowri Motha present 'The Barefoot Experience' - For 3 months only

July 21, 2010 by Terra Plana

Spearheaded by new research and the international bestseller "Born to Run," the ‘barefoot movement' is gathering pace. London's first Barefoot Experience is dedicated to helping people rediscover natural movement, and better health, from the feet up.
In January 2010 Professor Dan Lieberman of Harvard University released his seminal research on the benefits of barefoot and the dangers of normal padded running shoes (Nature Magazine, "Tread Softly") adding to a number of other scientific studies showing how underfoot shoe technologies are doing more harm than good.
Two months later, Galahad Clarks (owner of Terra Plana) wife had a baby delivered by Dr. Gowri Motha. She followed Dr. Gowri's Gentle Birth method and had a wonderful natural birth. Galahad and Gowri hit it off and especially connected on the benefits of being barefoot and the positive health benefits of stimulating your soles!
After a reflexology session in her St. Johns Wood clinic over an ayurvedic lunch, Galahad and Gowri decided to collaborate and bring her treatments directly to the public.
Terra Plana are creators of Vivobarefoot, the original barefoot shoe, with a patented ultra thin puncture resistant sole that gives all the benefits of being barefoot with protection. Terra Plana are proud to work with world's leading barefoot running expert Lee Saxby as their main advisor on barefoot movement and an in store treadmill will give people a chance to try out ‘barefoot running', get basic pointers from the staff, and attend running clinics from time-to-time.
Dr. Gowri Motha is an obstetrician and pioneer of water births and the gentle birth method in the UK. She advocates reflexology as an excellent all round treatment that promotes general health. Dr. Gowri was the first doctor in London to introduce reflexology as the treatment of choice for mothers in her care, in 1987.
Dr. Gowri's experience with Terra Plana has led her to conclude that walking in Vivobarefoot shoes (with ultra thin soles) stimulates the reflexology points and was quick to conclude that mothers can enhance their health as they walk in the barefoot shoes.
Dr. Gowri's team of health practitioners include reflexologists, an ayurvedic doctor, nutritionists and general health practitioners offering treatments to help ease common conditions like back problems and digestive disorders.
Come and enjoy the "Barefoot Experience", kick off your shoes, release your feet, stimulate your soles and rediscover the joy of natural movement...
Where: 36 Kings Road, London SW3 / nearest tube: Sloane Square
To find out more about Dr Gowri and the Gentle Birth Method click here

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