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Interview with Asher Clark by Yanko Design

July 13, 2010 by Jamie Page

Interview with Asher Clark by Yanko Design

Here's Asher Clark, of AMC Design talking about shoes, Terra Plana, sitting on the toilet and going barefoot.

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Interview with Asher Clark by Yanko Design

Here's a couple of the questions from the interview:

This is a question I've always wanted to ask the pro-barefoot camp. Many runners pronate or supinate and require corrective orthotics. Can these runners use the Evo comfortably?

Most people have been in shoes every walking hour of there life since they were kids and it stands to reason that if you jump out of your shoes and run a marathon your going to feel pain in places that you didn't even know existed. Absolutely, if you are new to barefoot you need to take it slowly and listen to your body, building up to longer runs and looking at improving your running technique with a like minded running coach. The?? hard soles of shoes actually cause a lot of foot problems and research shows that if you let you body move as nature intended, a lot of the problems you talk about can be corrected. For me personally barefoot just feels rite and perhaps is not for everyone but we were all barefoot once upon a time, right?

As head designer of Terra Plana, what inspires you? What do you do when you come to a creative block?

Am inspired to make things better...better to wear, better for the environment...just keep being better.



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