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Cool Running

January 28, 2014 by Jamie Page

Cool Running

We're on a mission to produce shoes that can be worn in the harshest environments and terrains. We want to show that humans were born to run and have evolved as persistent hunters - able to cover long distances without injury. That's why we're sending our marketing director, Mark Purdy, to take part in the Ice Ultra next month. Read More

Injured to Ultra Marathon in a year

January 27, 2014 by Mark Purdy

Injured to Ultra Marathon in a year

So, just to make this clear from the outset, this is not a transition story of someone who couldn’t run and magically turned into a record breaking long distance runner. It is merely a year long transition from not being able to run more than a few miles without feeling pain in my knees and shins to being able to run 35k+ feeling pretty good! Read More

  Beyond the Ultimate,  Ice Ultra,  Mark Purdy,  Ultra Marathon,  Trail Freak,  Breatho Trail,  Transition story,  Learn how to run barefoot

Jump Around

January 22, 2014 by Jamie Page

Jump Around

Learning, practicing and perfecting the barefoot jump prepares the brain and body for running. Read More

  Learn how to jump,  transition to barefoot,  learn how to rump,  posture,  rhythm

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