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Kevin Shannon hits Serbia with the Off Road Hi

January 24, 2013 by Kevin Shannon

In just over 2 weeks I fly out to Serbia to walk from the north to the south of the country; a journey of about 500 miles. The task is simple. But I don't think it will be easy.
So why Serbia? Since i cycled through the country in a couple of years back i fell in love with the country. The people took good care of me, I made friends for life and I learned a lot about a country that i knew very little about before i crossed the border. But i didn't learn enough. I wanted to learn more.
After the inevitable lows of returning from my expedition i looked for my next expedition. But, and not to sound too Zen about it, the expedition found me. My friends in Serbia who I stayed with for three months sent me a large coffee table book about Serbia. The book gave me a lot more information about the country and it got me thinking about how much of the country I missed. Almost immediately I knew that I had to explore Serbia more.

So the goal is simple, to trek through Serbia on foot with nothing more than a backpack, a sleeping bag, iPhone for blogging and my trusty camera. The plan is to visit Belgrade and other cities, but also really get to the heart of the country and meet the real Serbia. With temperatures threatening to drop to as low as -15 and only a sleeping bag to keep my warm at night it could be a tough walk but nothing worth doing was ever easy.
I'm very lucky to have VIVOBAREFOOT on board as one of the suppliers for the expedition and for the walk i'll be wearing the fantastic Off Road Hi boots which, as anyone who was worn can confirm, feel great and the perfect minimalist/barefoot hiking boot.

You can follow the expedition as it happens through numerous outlets. During the journey i'll be blogging on my website, uploading photos to place like Flickr and Instagram, and sending micro updates to Twitter and Facebook.

About the author:
Kevin Shannon is a British adventurer, environmentalist, writer and filmmaker.

Born in the north of England in a small village, he spent most of his days traipsing through fields and rivers, gaining an interest in wildlife and a love for the outdoors, as well as sports such as inline skating, sailing and mountain biking.

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