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January 2013

Galahad Clark talks shoes to Campden FB

January 29, 2013 by Jamie Page

Galahad Clark talks shoes to Campden FB

" The essence of VIVOBAREFOOT is very pure and very true to what the name means. " Our managing director, Galahad Clark recently spoke to Rashmi Kumar from Campden FB . Galahad talks about the origins of VIVOBAREFOOT: " It was one of my friends, Tim Brennan, who came up with the idea of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes and we developed it together. VIVOBAREFOOT kind of grew and grew and became the cuckoo in the Terra Plana nest. " He goes into details about VIVOBAREFOOT : " In a sort of Avatar-like way, VIVOBAREFOOT uses modern technology to recreate ancient wisdom: that the foot is a... Read More

  Campden Fb,  Clark Shoes,  Galahad Clark,  Tim Brennen

Natural Runner takes a closer look at our Breatho Trail

January 25, 2013 by Jamie Page

Natural Runner takes a closer look at our Breatho Trail

Tina Dubois from Natural Runner takes our Breatho Trail for a thorough test and tells us what she thinks about it. If you're considering the Breatho Trail as you're go to shoe for hitting the trails then this is a great opportunity to take a closer look at our best selling barefoot trail shoe . Here's what she said about the Breatho Trail: "If you are looking for a great-priced, warm weather, highly breathable, comfortable, and durable minimalist trail running shoe with the slightly paradoxical but incredibly real qualities of excellent proprioception and grip, then the VIVOBAREFOOT Breatho Trail is... Read More

  Barefoot Trail Shoes,  Breatho Trail,  Nautral Runner,  Tina Dubois,  Trail Running,  Trail Shoes

Kevin Shannon hits Serbia with the Off Road Hi

January 24, 2013 by Kevin Shannon

Kevin Shannon hits Serbia with the Off Road Hi

About the author:

Kevin Shannon is a British adventurer, environmentalist, writer and filmmaker.

Born in the north of England in a small village, he spent most of his days traipsing through fields and rivers, gaining an interest in wildlife and a love for the outdoors, as well as sports such as inline skating, sailing and mountain biking.
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  Kevin Shannon,  Off Road Hi,  Serbia,  Vivobarefoot Adventure

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