Winter conditions in the Neo Trail, snow problem

January 17, 2012 by Jamie Page

"[The Neo Trail are] very much like wearing my 6mm huaraches, only with the extra protection and warmth around my foot."

Barefoot Inclined blogger, Jeff Gallup, bought his first ever pair of minimalist shoes, after some research and deliberation he went for the Neo Trail in royal blue. Happy with the wide toe box and proprioceptive sole he took them up the snowy Manitou Incline and down the four and a half mile Barr Trail.

"One of the best things about this test run was how great my legs/knees felt. Since we've had so much snow, I've been relegated to running in my old chunky heeled running shoes, and even though I worked very hard at maintaining the "natural" running style and avoided heel striking,  the fact that the heels were so thick, was creating bad knee pains that just continued to get worse.  I really wanted to shave them off! (the heels, not my knees). So, getting back to a zero drop shoe allowed everything to click back into place, and it was such a relief to run without pain."
"The Neo Trails performed very well…Also, they just felt really comfortable…and warm!" – Jeff Gallup from Barefoot Inclined

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