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Lee Saxby interviewed in the Huffington Post

January 19, 2012 by Jamie Page

Were we Born to Run?  Opinion on the matter is strong and the scientific evidence is building from strength to strength. Whilst we may have been born to run, the invention and subsequent widespread use of the modern, padded running shoe has rendered the shocking statistic that 80% of runners get injured every year.
Here at VIVOBAREFOOT we believe barefoot is best. Not only does it cause half as many injuries but it can also increase efficiency by 5%. However, with this belief comes great responsibility, to ensure people who do go barefoot understand that barefoot running is a skill which must be learnt and that technique is everything – it's uncommon sense.
That's why we've enlisted the help of the world's best barefoot running coach; Lee Saxby and setup the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic. Lee recently spoke to Caroline Sandry from the Huffington Post about barefoot running. Here's an extract from the interview:

So too much cushioning is not a good thing?

Lee Saxby: One problem is that proprioception is vital to healthy movement: In order to create skilful movement your body needs feedback from receptors in the body. That feedback comes from the eyes (about 10%) the inner ear (about 20%) and the remaining 70 % comes from proprioception which is largely from the feet. If you are wearing highly cushioned trainers, your foot cannot feel the ground and you lose a high percentage of your proprioceptive feedback which increases the chance of injury. Proprioception is like our sixth sense, or the forgotten sense as I call it!

Lee Saxby is now on Twitter – follow him @coachleesaxby

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