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Naming the Movement Shoe

February 25, 2014 by Jamie Page

The Movement Shoe

The only thing we are lacking is a name.

We would like to welcome you into the fold and here you suggestions on the name for our Movement Shoe.

Our goal is to create the ultimate movement shoe – one which hands the control over to you. A shoe that lets you move and perform whilst your feet do their thing.

It will be a shoe for intense skilful movement, sports with lots of lateral loading requiring the upmost strength and agility. We're aiming for the parkour specialist, the MovNat gurus and the CrossFit masters. The guys and girls at the top of their game who need the best tools for the job in hand.

We're well under way with this task and are currently in the latter stages of the development. We're working with with our design team to ensure we have the best construction and materials available and at the same time we're consulting a selection of movement specialists and performers to 'road' test the shoe to its limits.

The shoe is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2015.

If you have a suggestion and would like the top honour of naming our flagship movement shoe please let us know your suggestions.

You can post on our Facebook Wall with suggestions or send us a Tweet. Please use the hashtag #themovementshoe so we can find your suggestions.

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