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Neo Trail: A more pumped up, rugged version of the popular Neo

February 26, 2012 by Jamie Page

"As a trail runner, I have been on the lookout for a minimalist shoe that could handle the icy, snowy trails during the winter. The VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trail may just be the perfect shoe for this."

Trisha Reeves from Barefoot Monologues has written a great review of the Neo Trail, our off-road, trail running shoe on The Neo Trail features the off-road sole which has 2.5mm rubber outsole and 4.5mm multi-directional lugs which maximises the surface contact giving unprecedented barefoot grip. As well as superb proprioception and, like all VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, puncture-resistant protection.
"The VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trail is an excellent all-around trail running shoe. It is rugged and protective while remaining exceptionally light and pliable for its genre. Its heavy lugged sole is aggressive enough to provide grip in all trail situations, while still providing an acceptable level of ground-perception that a minimalist runner needs to remain strong...and upright."

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