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The first 50 barefoot customers through the door win a free pair of shoes

February 09, 2011 by Jamie Page

The Barefoot giveaway promotion on Saturday the 22nd of January was a great success.

We heard that some die hard Terra Plana fans had caught the 5.45am train down from London to join the queue!
The queue started around 7am and had already reached around 50 people by the time we arrived at 9:30 to prepare the shop.
We started letting people in to the shop at 10:00 after taking a few photos of everyone without there shoes.
At its peak the queue had approximately 80 people waiting, not including those who had already made it into the shop.
A wide range of shoes were taken from each of the three brands; including United Nude Folds, Terra Plana Janis, Marianne, Wittgenstein and Brawn, VIVOBAREFOOT Brooklyn, Belles, Franklin and Kariba.

"A free pair of £200 #barefoot boots? Oh alright then. Thanks @Terra_Plana Brighton! Uber chumpfy! : D" - @MaryAnn_no_e via Twitter

The local paper, the Argus came down and took lots of photos and spoke to many of the customers in the shop.
Although very busy there was a great atmosphere in store, everyone was glad to be warming there feet up in there new free pair of shoes!
There was still a large queue outside when we announced that all 50 pairs had been given away, however some people remained to receive a consolation prize of 10% off any pair.

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