Testimonial: Kyle Thorne, NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach

February 21, 2011 by Michelle Hinsvark

The benefits of barefoot training are tremendous, but often not possible because of safety concerns. The minimalistic VIVOBAREFOOT Evo has made this type of training possible and those benefits a reality for the team setting. Freedom of movement and a quality grip for the foot are two of the key components that make these shoes the perfect addition to training attire. The craftsmanship and the distinctive look of the Evo also impress.

Increased proprioceptive demands from training in VIVOBAREFOOT’s Evo multiplies the effectiveness of many excercises. Our players now strengthen the muscles and connective tissues in their feet, improving their arch support, by wearing Evo throughout much of our warmup and training regimes. When the players perform field exercises such as plyometrics, now there is no cumbersome cushion negating the benefits of quality foot contact. In the weight room, now there is no unstable or unpredictable wedge during our ground-based exercises. This minimalistic shoe allows the foot and ankle to move into the correct anatomical position. Keeping this position helps to maintain the correct movement and posture in the rest of the body.
My priority is to supply the top tools to the athletes I work with, giving them an edge over their opponents. At the elite level of sport, the athletes expect supreme quality, and the Evo exceeds expectations where other brands literally fall apart at the seams. Because the players share their opinions openly with each other, the demand for the VIVOBAREFOOT Evo spread like wildfire.

I spent much time testing the Evo before recommending them to the players. Through my testing, I was so impressed that I will only train in Evos to this date. The Evo provide an opportunity to create a positive change the quality of the training. The most minute degrees of change have potential to make drastic difference in performance.
- Kyle Thorne, NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach

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