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Flip Yeah, it's the Neo

August 01, 2012 by Jamie Page

Ever considered Barefoot Parkour? It's no secret that the world famous Apex Movement have been rocking VIVOBAREFOOT for a while now. Here's a review of the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo, our multi-terrain cross trainer from FlipYeahParkour.com.

It's a comprehensive review for both casual wearers, runners and people interested in doing parkour in barefoot shoes – including details on how well the Neo perfroms in terms of Wallruns, Precisions, Balancing, Landings and Tricks. There's even the puncture resistant test against some Feiyues. Here's the result:

"I can confirm by both empirical and scientific data that the Neos are much harder to pierce…You’re much better off with the Neos."

If you're into parkour and haven't tried barefoot shoes, now the time to give it a go. Checkout the full review on flipyeahparkour.com. There's also some great videos on APEXMovement.com which are well worth a look.

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