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Does Gait analysis work?

August 28, 2012 by Ben Le Vesconte

It is over 2 years since a research paper titled "The effect of three different levels of footwear stability on pain outcomes" was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine by Ryan et al and summarised on Runblogger.
"The findings of this study suggest that our current approach of prescribing in-shoe pronation control systems on the basis of foot type is overly simplistic and potentially injurious". Yes correct there was a study 2 years ago which concluded Gait analysis does not work and is potentially causing injuries.
Q: How did the research change the Footwear Industry? A: It hasn't changed a thing. Running Retailers are still conducting isolated rear view gait analysis and pushing Motion Control, Stability shoes and  Orthotics on an unsuspecting running public who are still getting injured.
"...despite over 20 years of stability elements being incorporated in running footwear there is, as yet, no established clinically based evidence for their provision." "Motion control running footwear has yet to be proven to prevent running-related injuries." As Runblogger stated it makes you wonder if the whole pronation-control shoe paradigm is nothing more than a giant marketing gimmick.

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