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August 10, 2009 by Terra Plana

Vivo Barefoot “Yukam” shoes – Not only are these little guys a cute simple slip-on to go with any casual outfit, but they are ridiculously comfortable. When I first heard that they were built to mimic walking barefoot, I thought, huh, that doesn’t sound very comfortable, not to mention the price is a bit steep. The company is “based on the simple principle that being barefoot is the healthiest way for you and your feet to be. An ultra thin (3mm) puncture resistant sole allows your feet to be – as millions of years of evolutionary design intended – Barefoot!” Now, the barefoot vs. non-barefoot foot health debate is a whole separate issue, but what I can say is that my feet feel much better after I started wearing these instead of my other flats and for the amount of city walking I do each day, that’s quite a feat (no pun intended!)
What are some of your favorite health products that help you live healthier every day? I'd love to hear more suggestions!
-- Abby Cuffey, Assistant Health Editor
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