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August 04, 2009 by Terra Plana

Healthy Hollywood

Posted August 03, 2009 at 9:41 am by Jolene Hart


We’ve noticed that Healthy Hollywood fans have a slight fondness for shoe giveaways. Well, you’ll all be happy to hear that we’ve decided to give away a pair of shoes for our next Facebook Friday giveaway- and we’re stepping it up with something quite chic from the eco-friendly and incredibly stylish line Terra Plana! One lucky fan will win a pair of Terra Plana beige Odette shoes (shown above), the same style worn by Cameron Diaz, who is a huge fan of the line. Become a Facebook fan of Healthy Hollywood by this Friday, August 7, to enter!
I was drawn to Terra Plana the first time I saw a pair of their Dida heels, which are made from the fabric of Pakistani quilts. Each pair of shoes bears a unique quilt pattern- and even within one pair of shoes, each is made with a different section of fabric, making the pair match and mismatch all at once. Trust me, it looks amazing!
Our giveaway shoe, the Odette, is part of a revolutionary collection from Terra Plana, called Vivo Barefoot, that simulates the feeling of walking sans footwear. The Odette has an ultra-thin (3mm!), puncture resistant sole that will return your feet to the barefoot feeling intended by nature.
The Dida and the Odette are just two of Terra Plana’s covetable styles. Some are sexy (the Geta), others are futuristic (the Dopie), all are designed sustainably with minimal waste and maximum use in mind. I love that the high heeled styles are fitted with memory foam for comfort and support (yes, the same stuff that’s in your mattress pad). What better (and softer) way to reuse bedding?
You’ll quickly see that Terra Plana shoes embody the kind of look good/feel good fashion that we love at Healthy Hollywood. And we’re not the only ones. Apart from Cameron (who knows a thing or two about eco-friendly fashion), eco chick Maria Menounosis a Terra Plana wearer.
If you are in the market for some smart, stylish, eco-conscious shoes for fall, give Terra Plana a try! To enter to win a pair of the cute Odette sneakers(shown above, with Vivo Barefoot technology that naturally realigns your posture) in beige, become a fan of Healthy Hollywood on Facebook by Friday, 8/7.
Some styles from Terra Plana…


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