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There's more to 'barefoot' running than thin soles: technique is everything

April 17, 2013 by Jamie Page

How to run barefoot? Fresh from the Guardian's Running Blog, here's Adharanand Finn and Kate Carter learning the skill of barefoot running. They visited us at the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic to learn more about why technique is everything.

Adharanand writes about the experience, first discussing the importance of form:

"To properly run "barefoot" (meaning, when written in quotation marks, running in thin-soled shoes that offer you little or no cushioning) you need to have the correct running form."
He goes on to discuss the next stage in the transition to natural, injury free running: hardware.
"Sort my hardware out, he says, and with my good running form, I'll be bulletproof. I think he means I won't get injured, but I like the sound of bulletproof better." – Adharanand Finn from the Guardian
Read the full article on the Guardian Running Blog.
Learn this skill of running with our barefoot movement resources, including learning how to walk, squat, jump and run naturally.

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