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VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra, the ultimate travel shoe?

April 03, 2012 by Jamie Page

"If you are starting in minimal shoes, have a full collection, or just want something great for travel I can’t recommend these enough. They’ve definitely started more conversations than any other item of clothing I own!" – Nicholas Hind

Is the Ultra the ultimate travel shoe? Nicolas Hind has done a very good job at answering it. He embarked on a trip to South East Asia and then Europe with the VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra:
"The challenge was to find a shoe that could do just about everything: good for travel, decent for sightseeing all day, light, easy to pack and able to stand up to a few solid workouts we had planned."

So, how did the amphibious barefoot shoe fare on Nicolas's travels?
First up, they were great on the planes and in the airports: light, comfy, easy to get on and off. Tick.
Great for long days of sightseeing. Tick.
Great for running and crossfit workouts we did whenever and wherever we could: versatile, stable and washable. Tick!
They were great for trips to the beach: no need to change shoes, take thongs (flip-flops etc). These babies can handle sand and water with ease. Tick.
They were great to pack: they weigh nothing and can be squished into any space. Tick.
They were great for random days when anything could happen…Tick.
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The VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra is available in Mens, Ladies, Junior and Kids sizes.
Have you taken your Ultra on an barefoot adventure? Tweet us, Facebook or email us a photo.

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